Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Transactions

When a client is presented with an opportunity to grow its business through a merger or acquisition or alternatively, is exploring the possibility of selling its business, it is important that an experienced legal advisor be consulted at the beginning of the process and brought on as a team member to assist through closing.

Westermann & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience representing sellers and purchasers in merger, acquisition and corporate transactions in a variety of industries. Transactions occur in many forms, including the purchase or sale of assets or ownership interests and mergers.

The Firm assists clients at all stages, including:

  • Negotiation and preparation of letters of intent and non-disclosure agreements
  • Structuring the transaction
  • Conduct of legal due diligence
  • Drafting and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Consummation of the transaction

The Firm’s attorneys have assisted clients on transactions of varying sizes and across a wide range of industries including:

  • Home health
  • Hospice
  • Transportation
  • Energy services
  • Accounting and financial services
  • Commercial refrigeration leasing, supply and service
  • Printing
  • Disaster response and restoration
  • Pipe supply
  • Welding supply